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Corruption of the Blood will be updated as I have the time, usually every other week on Monday.

Corruption of the Blood is the sequel to my earlier work, "Two On a Horse,"

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Corruption of the Blood is a tale of the preservation of hope against great odds, and at great sacrifice. Two young people bear within their blood a legacy that maintains the future of humanity. It is a gift which gives them great talent, and grave danger, since control of their bloodline carries with it the rightful claim to a throne beyond all mortal thrones. They have lived most of their lives in ignorance of their blood's incredible significance, and in peaceful ignorance of their family's dangerous, turbulent history.

For as long as they remember, they have been watched over by a distant, impassive man they know only as "Uncle Stephen." He has protected them from the many threats that stalk their steps, and from premature knowledge of their overwhelming destiny. But Stephen is a complicated, intense man who has desires and plans of his own buried deep within the impenetrable layers of his soul.

Corruption of the Blood is a GRAPHIC HORROR NOVEL. It is not intended for those under 14 years of age, either chronologically, or developmentally. It includes themes involving GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, SEXUAL CONTENT, and UNORTHODOX THEOLOGICAL IDEAS. If any of these things disturb or upset you, please carry on to another realm of horror, far more obscene, but for some reason, opaque to me, more socially acceptable to the theocorporate technocrats who determine what is tasteful these days .

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Deus Vult,

R.E. Parnell


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